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  • Insurance Experts Are Split Over Aladdin’s Magic Carpet by - While experts believe Aladdin could qualify for insurance for his flying carpet, Todd has fun explaining all of the different ways the carpet puts Aladdin in risk pools that would be his policy unaffordable.

  • Lost Your Wallet? 7 Steps to Take Now by - Losing a wallet is good grounds for panic, but Todd’s recommendations help alleviate (and even resolve) much of the associated stress.

  • Busted: 5 myths about alternative credit data by - While alternative credit scoring models are coming online more and more frequently, Todd shares how it is still up to the individual lenders to decide which scoring models they will adopt and which with will not use.

  • Can Your Boss See Your Credit Score? by FinanceBuzz - Todd recommends a few steps to take to clean up your credit report prior to applying for a job.

  • The Ultimate Financial Guide for College Grads by - For recent college graduates, Todd recommends the Money Fit Money Fit budget that puts all monthly spending into one of just 6 categories. Simple and effective.

  • What is a Soft Credit Check? by - Todd differentiates between soft (passive) and hard (active) credit checks and how to opt out of promotional offers.

  • 13 Deals That Are Too Good To Be True by - In deal #5, Todd explains why leasing a vehicle is a poor (and expensive) financial decision for individuals.

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