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  • 10 Ways to Save Money This Year at by Quicken Loans - Todd explains how our PowerCash principle can accelerate your savings without the pain of spending cuts.

  • Your Guide to Budgeting for Healthcare Costs at - When it comes to preparing for expected and unexpected medical expenses, Todd recommends prioritizing your healthcare costs with other needs.

  • How to Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit at - Todd explains why so many first time applications for major credit cards are rejected and why it’s better to start small and local when building credit.

June 2019

  • Credit Horror Stories that will Keep You up at Night at - Todd shares some of the hardest credit and debt stories to hear from his first 15 years as a financial educator, with lessons and warnings for all to learn.

  • What to Do If a Bill Is Sent to a Collection Agency at - Explaining options to getting help if you can’t pay your collection accounts on your own, Todd shares how credit counseling agencies work. and when bankruptcy might be the best option.

  • 5 Conversations to Have Before Cosigning a Refinanced Student Loan at - Todd warns of some of the potentially negative consequences of cosigning loans for children and grandchildren.

  • The High Cost of Bad Credit at - Todd explains how credit can be a factor that influences your car insurance monthly premium.

  • #FridayFollow: My Life. My Choices at - The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education highlights Todd’s work in the field of personal finance education, including the development of Money Fit’s new online activity: My Life My Choices.

  • What is Debt Consolidation and How Does it Work? by ZING! by Quicken Loans - Sharing how credit counseling can help consumers consolidate their debt payments and get out of debt, Todd also discusses the pitfalls of consolidating debt through balance transfers if the causes of the debt have not been addressed.

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