The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble With Money


Classroom Presentation

Since 2004, our nonprofit has been visiting first through third-grade classes around southwest Idaho to introduce the financial fundamentals of earning, spending and saving money, along with the value of generosity, through a reading of the Berenstain Bears’ Trouble with Money.

Not only does this book teach the value of responsible behavior with regards to money, it does so through a simple and highly relatable story children in first through third grade find engaging and humorous.

Teacher Reviews

  • I love this lesson and how it teaches such an important concept in a simple way (and early on)!!! Todd is a great presenter that kept the class very engaged! :) – Liberty Elementary School

  • My students were very engaged with the reader. We enjoyed the different voices :-) – Maple Grove Elementary School

  • Mr. Christensen is very engaging with my students! He is able to relate life skills about money in easy ways to kids. – Crimson Point Elementary School

  • Mr. Christensen has such a great manner of interacting with the students! The discussion is very interactive and just right for the age level of the kids! – Desert Springs Elementary School

  • The students were very engaged. Thank you for giving them something to think about. – Monroe Elementary School

  • FANTASTIC!! – Andrus Elementary School

And here’s the best part: Thanks to generous grants from the IDEAL: Idaho College Savings Program at the state treasurer’s office, we can purchase and provide one of these books to EVERY student in the classrooms where we do our reading.

If you would like to bring me into your classroom* for this 30-minute discussion and reading, we are pleased to do so at no cost to you, your school or your students. Nor do we do any sort of sales or marketing. We even provide an activity handout and suggested discussion points for the students’ families.

Money Fit In The Classroom

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  • Students will NAME, RECOGNIZE and RECALL the four ways to use money (earn, save, spend and give)

  • Students will IDENTIFY opportunities to earn money in their neighborhood

  • Students will DIFFERENTIATE wants from survival needs

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