Simple Budget Calculator

How The Simple Budget Calculator Works

With Money Fit’s Simple Budget Calculator, you can quickly figure out how much you spend on a monthly or annual basis. Once you have this figure, you are empowered to make better financial decisions going forward.

After determining your monthly spending, you can compare it to your income. If your income is lower than your spending, you will need to increase your income or cut some spending (or both). If your income is greater than your spending, you can push a portion of your paycheck into savings and investments.

Know What You Need To Cover In Your Budget

The Simple Budget Calculator offers a very straightforward approach to planning your spending each month.

Enter your estimated expenses into the fields above and the calculator will estimate how much net (take-home after taxes) income you will need each month to cover your epenses. If you’re short in your income, you’ll want to address areas that you feel you can cut back in order to meet your needs.

As always, if you need any help in preparing a monthly budget, please give us a call. There is no-cost to you for using this service.