San Francisco Debt Relief

The Money Fit debt relief program has helped many San Francisco residents successfully manage their credit card and other unsecured debt for nearly 23 years! Learn how much you can save, and just as importantly, how fast you can repay your debt without taking potentially harmful moves like debt settlement or bankruptcy.

A skilled and certified credit counselor will find the best solution for you. The credit counseling session is free and the debt relief benefit is real and lasting. As a nonprofit, our mission is to review all of the options you have available to you so that you can make the best informed decision. We have a strong financial education portfolio that we make available to everyone, for free, to help combat the many disadvantages that being burdened by debt can bring.

Enjoy San Francisco in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!

Enjoy San Francisco in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!

THE FORECAST? SUNNY & (okay maybe a little pacific breeze and a bit of morning fog) DEBT FREE IN SAN francisco!

San Francisco residents may have on a per capita basis, considerably more credit card debt than many cities in the United States according to data released by CNBC, however the average income is also considerably higher. This has a bit of a balancing out effect on the local economy. On the other hand, housing in San Francisco carries some of the heftiest price tags in the nation and as we’ve seen with individuals seeking counseling from the area, can cause a burdensome strain on budgets.

Debt relief is a priority for many individuals living in San Francisco. According to the CNBC article reference above, the average credit card balance is $6,533. If you’ve reviewed our Money Fit Academy, you’ll recognize that we definitely recommend wiping out all credit card debt that isn’t paid in full monthly, in order to focus on achieving financial independence. High credit card balances lock up money, that costs money, that could be applied toward developing a stable foundation for the financial future of thousands of people, perhaps just like you.

If you’re ready to commit to living a more Money Fit lifestyle by eliminating your credit card debt, faithfully following a budget, and building for retirement, we invite you to contact us and review your options.

Debt relief comes in a wide array of services, we urge San Francisco residents to remain vigilant when looking for help. When searching for debt relief, be sure to look for a nonprofit organization that is tenured and has a strong track record of managing consumer debt, provide no-cost and easily accessible personal finance education materials. It’s important the organization takes the time to provide high quality, one on one counseling. Money Fit by DRS Inc., will work with you to create a resolution for issues you are currently facing and has your long term financial interest in mind.

You will successfully navigate through this situation and come out better and stronger than before! Building for your financial future empower you to achieve new financial goals and do the things you need to live a debt free life. Consider the peace of mind being debt free brings, it is priceless!

So whether your from neighboring Oakland, San Mateo, Palo Alto or right in the middle of San Francisco, we invite you to get Money Fit!


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