San Diego Debt Relief

The Money Fit debt relief program has helped many San Diego residents overcome their credit card and other unsecured debt for over 22 years! Find out how much you can save, and just as importantly, how quickly you can repay your debt without taking potentially destructive moves like debt settlement or bankruptcy.

A highly skilled and certified credit counselor will find the right solution for you. The credit counseling session is free and the debt relief is real. As a nonprofit, our mission is to go over the options you have available to you so that you can make the best informed decision. We have a robust financial education portfolio that is available to you, for free, so that while you are resolving your current situation, you also receive the tools and resources to empower yourself and prevent future debt related issues.


Enjoy sunny San Diego in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!

Enjoy sunny San Diego in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!

San Diego residents have had some good fortune, even after the recession of 2008. The local economy has remained fairly stable. The unemployment rate, at last check, was below national figures. Foreclosure rates have also been low in comparison to other large metropolitan markets.

Debt relief is still a priority for many living in San Diego. According to a recent study by Value Penguin, San Diego residents carry an average of $8,665 in credit card debt. That’s money owed that could be applied to building a more stable and solid foundation for the financial future of thousands of people, perhaps just like you.

If you’re ready to live a more Money Fit lifestyle by zeroing out your credit card debt, living by a budget and building for retirement, we invite you to contact us to review your options.

Debt relief comes in a wide array of services, we urge San Diego residents to keep vigilant when seeking help. When seeking debt relief, seek nonprofit organizations that have a strong track record with managing consumer debt, provide no-cost and accessible personal finance education materials, and take the time to provide quality, one on one counseling. Money Fit by DRS Inc., works with you to create a resolution for any current issues you face and has your long term financial picture in mind.

You can successfully navigate through your situation and come out stronger than ever! Strengthening your financial future truly will empower you to reach new financial goals and do the things you need to live a debt free life. Consider the peace of mind being debt free brings, it is priceless!

So whether your from neighboring Chula Vista, La Mesa, Encinitas, El Cajon or right in the heart of San Diego, we invite you to get Money Fit!


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