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Our large variety of free personal finance education programs are designed for anyone who desires to improve their situation and create a brighter financial future.

Education Workshop Attendees Since 1998

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of individuals we’ve counseled in regards to their personal finances here are the numbers of people that have attended our education workshops over the last 20 years.

From our first workshop for just 5 participants back in 1998, we have grown to facilitate hundreds of workshops a year, in addition to making dozens of webinars available 24/7 online.

From budgeting to spending personality evaluations, from building credit to reducing debt, from saving for emergencies to speaking with family members about money, our workshops touch on topics that affect you every day.

Education Workshop Attendees Over Time

We're excited to be closing in on 100,000 total attendees! We invite you to join in getting Money Fit through our free and highly practical personal finance workshops, webinars, tools and programs!

Total Workshop Attendees from 1998 to 2018 = 73,257