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Take advantage of the helpful personal and household finance documents available below to take better control of your money, set and reach financial goals, live debt free, and build your savings funds. We are adding downloads and links constantly, so bookmark the page and check back again soon.

Becoming Money Fit Has Long Lasting Rewards

By building discipline in your spending habits and buying practices, you will be much more likely to:

  • Understand where you are spending your income.

  • Live within your budget and still be able to build emergency and long-term savings funds.

  • Avoid excessive and oppressive debt.

  • Take care of financial priorities before discretionary spending.

  • Establish regular investing habits in preparation for retirement.

  • Understand your personal spending habits and eliminate wasteful expenditures.

  • Be an example of a responsible consumer to children, significant others and family.

Food for thought: Financial Security is less about how much money you earn and more about how much money you spend. Poor spending behaviors by the wealthy can drive them into poverty just as disciplined spending behaviors can raise many in need to financial stability.

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Your Health Matters

If your needs go beyond credit counseling and you are in need of immediate assistance, such as finding help regarding addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, or you need to speak to someone anonymously about your your specific situation, please consider reaching out to one of the organizations on our list of providers below.

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