Money Fit Videos

Random sample of videos to enjoy while we enhance our financial education series. We invite you to contact us with any personal finance topics you’d like to see filmed in the near future. We’ll even make sure to mention you in the video if it happens to be selected.

Todd Christensen, Education Manager at Money Fit by DRS, speaks at Boise's Smart Women Smart Money Conference in February 2018. The topic: Kicking Debt to the Curb: 5 Options for Getting Rid of Excessive Consumer Debt
Quick video on how to note income, list expenses and balance your budget.
Quick primer on -The Debt Snowball (attack lowest balance first) -The Debt Avalanche (attack highest interest first) -The Debt Landslide (attack newest first) Each has its place and serves a difference purpose.
The first in our S-I-M-P-L-E Finances video series. S Stands for Spend Budgeting, spending plans and spending controls. There is no one right way to manage your money, but they should all simplify your finances and help you identity and get what you really want.