Low Income Resources In Alaska

Low-Income Resources in Alaska

Rural Alaska Community Action program constantly works to help low-income families live a better life.  Click here  to learn more about their program.

Rural Alaska Community Action program constantly works to help low-income families live a better life. Click here to learn more about their program.

Use the following resources to determine if you qualify to receive financial assistance from a variety of programs that operate throughout the state of Alaska. Please contact us if you find any information missing or outdated.

Habitat for Humanity Anchorage

Habitat partners with hard-working, low-income families to help build a better life for themselves and their loved ones - because we know that decent, affordable shelter offers strength, stability, and self-reliance.

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Phone Number: (907) 272-0800

Heating Assistance Program

The Heating Assistance Program Helps eligible families pay for winter heating costs. Applications accepted October 1st - April 30th. It assists households with income at or below 150% of the federal poverty income guidelines, who have a minimum of $200 in out-of-pocket heating costs per year, and meet all other eligibility criteria. The benefit is a one-time payment to the household’s vendor, sent to the vendor, and applied to the customer’s account as a credit. It is open to homeowners and renters.

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Phone Number: 1-800-470-3058

YWCA of Anchorage

Women’s Economic Empowerment offering an economic lifeline for women in all stages of life, Youth Empowerment programs that create courageous, powerful, critical-thinking youth, Social Justice programs that act as a catalyst for racial and gender equity, peace and justice, Women’s Leadership programming that honor the achievements of Alaskan women and create mentoring linkages between women of all ages and Women’s Wellness that works to eradicate health disparities by increasing healthcare access.

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Phone: 1-(800) 362-1504

Alabama Family Assistance Program

The Family Assistance Program provides temporary financial assistance for needy families with a dependent child under age 18 (or age 19 if s/he is a full time student in a secondary school or in the equivalent level of vocational or technical training) and whose income does not exceed established agency standards.

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Phone: (907) 644-9600

Women Infants and Children Alaska

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is a supplemental nutrition program for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women who had a baby within the last six months, infants, and children under the age of five. One must meet income requirements and have a nutritional risk that proper nutrition could help to improve.

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Phone: (888) 942-4673

Additional Community Action Programs In Alaska

Alaska Community Resource guide (PDF file) - Click Here to Download the PDF

Alaska Deparment of Health and Social Services - Centeral hub of activity reguarding Health and Social Services in all parts of Alaska. Click here to visit their website.

Rural Alaska Community Action Program INC (RurALCAP) - The Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc. (RurAL CAP), founded in 1965, is a private, statewide, nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of life for low-income Alaskans.