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Debt Management

The Money Fit Debt Management Program has helped thousands of people live debt free! If you’re looking for help repaying your debt on more manageable terms this is the program for you!


Budget Counseling

It is our pleasure to provide budget counseling to you and your household at no charge. We’ll help you get started by building a budget and showing you how you can most effectively put it to work!

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Credit REport Review

Understanding how credit reports and scores work is vital to improving our financial picture. Our financial educators are happy to provide this complimentary service to you!


Student Loan Counseling

The fine print of student loan repayment plans can be confusing. Receive a free assessment to determine if your plan is the best match for you. Discounts available on application services if needed.


bankruptcy certificate Services

We are pleased to offer reduced fees for individuals seeking their pre- or post filing certificates. Courses are informative and designed for you to obtain your certificate with ease.

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Financial Education, Resources & Webinars

Since opening in 1996, we’ve been a leader in promoting financial literacy, increasing personal financial responsibility, and empowering individuals to take control of their situation. We are pleased to present these free financial education resources to you.


Discounted Copy of Everyday Money for Everyday People

Receive 50% off your purchase of our Education Manager’s powerful and practical money guide!