National Personal Health Resources

The resources listed on this page can help individuals overcome various personal issues or habits that can lead to overspending, which in turn diminishes their ability to save money, repay debt and live within their means. Many of the organizations on this list also can help improve personal health & fitness which in turn can lead to a better personal view and outlook that may be needed when battling what can feel like an overwhelming situation.

Physical & mental Health Resources


Ran by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, SAMHSA, which stands for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The website isn’t the most user friendly, we’d recommend calling their help-lines if you need support regarding quitting drug use, mental health support or help with a natural or human caused disaster.


All areas covered by SAMHSA can have an immediate and long-term financial impact on the individual or families that are working through them. To put the cost of drug abuse into a financial perspective, mentions that some individuals that face addiction can easily spend $10,000 or more a year on their habit.


An official website of the United States Government, BeTobaccoFree.Gov compiles national resources into one easy to navigate repository. The website links to additional national resources as well as provides the (800) QUIT-NOW toll-free line that provides several free resources to those wishing to quit.


In monetary terms, an average smoker, who smokes one pack a day will spend around $2,000 per year. Quitting smoking is not only great for an individual’s overall health, the money saved can help bolster a debt repayment plan or increase the balance of a savings account rather quickly.

Anonymous Support Groups

These support groups help connect people with others that have already gone through, or are currently battling, various addictions. All areas listed below can have a negative consequence on individual or household budgets in a multitude of ways. Conversely, seeking help and controlling addiction can lead to better physical and mental health as well as improve cash flow, which in turn can help repay debt or build savings amounts.

WWW.AA.ORG - Alcoholics Anonymous



WWW.OA.ORG - Overeaters Anonymous

WWW.NA.ORG - Narcotics Anonymous

Additional NATIONAL RESOURCES - 24/7/365 Phone SUPPORT Lines And Supportive Articles

WWW.THEHOTLINE.ORG - The National Domestic Violence Hotline

WWW.SUICIDEPREVENTIONLIFELINE.ORG - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

REGIONAL health resources (United States)

INDIANA - WWW.ADDICTIONREHABCENTERS.COM - 12 Steps Addiction Program - Based in Indianapolis, IN. Phone: 877-659-4555 (Free Consultation)

There are many quality resources available for individuals looking to improve or get help for difficult situations. We’ll continue adding to these resources, as well as ensure the list is kept current, to the best of our ability. If you would like a resource added please contact us by email at