Fresno Debt Relief

Money Fit and its nonprofit debt relief program has helped many Fresno residents overcome their credit card and other unsecured debt for almost 23 years! Find out how much you can save, and just as important, how soon you’ll pay your debt off without taking potentially harmful moves like debt settlement or bankruptcy.

A certified credit counselor will explore the best options with you. The credit counseling session is, and will always be, free and the debt relief benefit is real and meaningful, especially when working towards long term goals like financial freedom. As a nonprofit, our mission is to work through all of the options you have available to you so that you can make an informed decision. We have an in-depth financial education portfolio that we make available for all, for free, to help combat the many challenges that the burden of debt can bring.

Enjoy Fresno in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!


Enjoy Fresno in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!

Enjoy Fresno in a Money Fit & debt free state of mind!

Fresno residents have the third highest revolving debt index in the state according to information gathered by the Fresno Bee. While the total balances are under the state average, the numbers suggest that Fresno residents carry balances on the credit card debt longer than in other cities in California.

Debt relief by way of reducing balances and overall credit card dependency is a priority for many living in Fresno. According the Fresno Bee article referenced above, the average credit card balance is $4,512. If you’ve participated in our Money Fit Academy, you’ll notice that we certainly recommend eliminating all credit card debt that isn’t paid in full each month, so that you can focus on gaining financial independence. Carrying credit card balances over from month to month locks up money, that costs money, that could be used towards developing a solid foundation for the financial future of thousands of people, perhaps just like you.

If you’re ready to commit to living a more Money Fit lifestyle by reducing your credit card debt, following a household budget, and working towards a successful retirement, we invite you to get in touch with us and review your options.

Debt relief comes in a vast array of services, therefore we urge Fresno residents to stay vigilant when seeking assistance. When looking for debt relief, be sure to look for a nonprofit organization that is tenured and has a healthy track record of managing consumer debt, provide free and easily accessed financial education materials. It’s extremely important that the organization you choose, takes the time to provide quality, one on one counseling. Money Fit by DRS Inc., will work with you to develop a resolution for the concerns you are currently facing and has your long term financial goals in mind.

You will overcome this temporary setback and come out better and stronger than ever before! Strengthening your financial future will empower you to achieve new financial heights and do the things you need in order to live a debt free life. Think of the peace of mind being that being debt free will bring, it is priceless!

So whether your from neighboring Clovis, Madera, up in Merced, down in Visalia or right in the middle of Fresno, we invite you to get Money Fit!


Fresno Bee Fresno Carries One of the Highest Credit Card Debts in the State

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