Free Financial Coaching Services

Sometimes, you might need more than information and resources to make desired behavior changes and build positive habits. If so, you might benefit from one-on-one coaching in person, by phone or via email.

Who Can Benefit from Financial Coaching

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Money Fit offers this service at no charge for individuals and couples seeking support to live within a spending plan, control their spending, build their credit, establish a habit of regular savings, or eliminating consumer debts.

You do not have to be a current client of Money Fit, nor is there any obligation to pay for services, purchase products, or commit to long-term programs.

We work with you on your time-frame and at your pace.

How Financial Coaching Works

Coaching begins with an initial discussion how your financial goals support the achievement of your life goals. This discussion can be done by phone, in person, or via email. You may even complete the form below to get started.

Through a series of questions and resulting discussions together, you will clarify your financial goals and how they will help you achieve your life goals. Goals will include details to establish what successful completion will look like, a statement of why the goal is important to you, and a timeline for achieving the goal.

Based upon your individual circumstances and the financial goals you set, we will provide you support and follow up to increase your accountability in achieving your goals. Follow up may be by phone, via email, or in person in our office at scheduled appointments. Follow up interactions may be as simple as the coach requesting an update from you on your current progress toward your goals, or it may involve further discussions of current efforts as well as resources that can help you in your making headway against your challenges.

Limitations and Disclaimer

Our financial coaching services do not provide relationship counseling, case management for mental illnesses or emotional issues.

We do not offer advice or coaching on any of topic requiring guidance and assistance from certified and qualified professionals, such as: Taxes, Insurance, Investments, Estate Planning and Entrepreneurship. This list should not be considered an exhaustive list.

No statement or conversation should be construed as implying a guarantee of financial success.

How Financial Coaching Compliments Financial Education and Financial Counseling

Financial Education

Financial education offers individuals and couples the opportunity to increase their understanding of financial principles, learn which financial skills they should develop, and build the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding their personal and household finances. Education in any topic typically empowers the learner to more easily build the capacity and increase the likelihood of establishing related positive behaviors.

Financial education can be the equivalent of leading a horse to water. The horse has thereby learned that there is water in the trough, and the horse knows it craves water from time to time. However, getting the horse to drink is a different aptitude all together. The horse will drink when it feels motivated to do so.

Knowing the water is there is often, though not always, sufficient motivation to get the horse to drink, just as learning the valuable lessons of personal finance is often, though not always, sufficient to motivate individuals and couples to change negative financial behaviors into positive behaviors.

Financial education alone is a great solution for the do-it-yourselfers and the independent minded.

Financial Counseling

For those requiring additional motivation beyond education, financial counseling may be a solution. Counselors offer individuals and couples the chance to explore their current and past behaviors, clarify skills and attitudes needed for future success and stability, and explore ideas for building related habits. Seeking financial counseling is a step that more often than not results in positive behavioral changes for the individual and couple. Financial counselors, including credit counselors, are trained to identify potential solutions that match the consumer’s needs, while also asking questions that draw out solutions directly from the individual or couple.

Financial counseling is a great service for individuals and couples needing some third-party guidance and direction to get a handle on their money management behaviors.

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is not the same as counseling. True, like counselors, coaches may help individuals and couples identify their own challenges and opportunities. Coaches, however, take on the role of motivators for the consumer. Rather than give you the solutions and offer highly controlled options for your financial success (which may be completely appropriate in many cases), financial coaches help you to establish channels of personal accountability. Rather than tell you what to do to succeed, a financial coach is more likely to help you set up a routine that matches the goals you set for yourself, followed by phone calls, emails or in office visits to evaluate your progress, reevaluate your goals and revisit your established spending, credit building or debt elimination plan.

Ideal Topics for Financial Coaches

Whether you need a little motivation to create a spending plan (aka budget) or significant accountability to stick with a debt elimination plan, financial coaching can play a critical role in your success. Here are a few of the plans financial coaching can help you with:

  • Spending Plans: Putting together and sticking with a spending plan that gets you what you want out of your month and year

  • Credit-building Plans: Keeping you motivated to understand the importance of credit in your finances and to continue to build your credit reasonably and patiently over time

  • Debt Elimination Plans: Touching based with you as you work through a do-it-yourself or third-party debt management plan to get you to debt freedom sooner rather than later

  • Savings Booster Plans: Encouraging you to initiate savings, to carry out the steps to setting up savings accounts and related automatic transfers, to identify opportunities to increase your savings, and to hold you accountable for following through with your plan

Start Working with a Financial Coach Today

As you can see, a financial coach has much to offer you in terms of motivation and insight. Take advantage of Money Fit’s free financial coaching by contacting us today at (800) 432-0310 and ask for the Education Manager. Your future self with thank you for it.