Free Personal Finances Links and Resources to Get Started

As an employee or referred member of a Money Fit partner organization you will have access to all webinars, lesson plans and many additional resources that are aimed at helping you master personal finance!

We invite you to utilize these free resources to help you gain control of your finances.


Webinars with Certificates of Achievement

Here are links to a sample of our many free, pre-recorded webinars, available 24/7, on critical money management subjects such as household budgeting, developing effective spending behaviors, preventing and eliminating excessive consumer debt, using credit wisely, creating savings plans and more.

We have several series of webinars to choose from. Upon completion of each webinar from a series, we can email you a Certificate of Achievement in PDF format to recognize your efforts. When completing the corresponding quiz for each webinar, you may indicate which series certificate you need, if any.

Financially Empowered Series

Young and Financially Empowered: Financial Lessons for Those in Their 20s – 44 minutes

Golden and Financially Empowered: Financial Lessons for Seniors – 59 minutes

Financial Lessons for Those in their 40s and 50s with No More Children at Home – 47 minutes

Financial Lessons and Guidance for New Parents – 32 minutes

Budgeting Links and Resources


Educational Videos Designed to Help You Improve Your Financial Situation


And much, much, more...all at no cost to you or your employer! 

If your employer or nonprofit organization you're a member of isn't a Money Fit partner yet and you'd like access to our free education personal finance materials then have them get in touch! You're more than welcome to reach out for assistance at anytime, regardless if your employer is a partner, by calling us at 855-685-7839 or submitting your information below.   

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