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How Our Debt Management Program Works:


Credit Counseling

The first step is to set up an appointment with one of our certified credit counselors. They will review your situation and help you determine the best plan of action for you to take in regards to dealing with your debt.



If you, and your credit counselor determine that our debt consolidation program is in your best interest, we will consolidate your unsecured debt with the goal of creating a single, more affordable payment.



We’ve worked with thousands of creditors for over twenty years now. In that time, we’ve negotiated payment terms that typically include reduced interest rates, a stop to late and over-the-limit fees along with collection efforts.


Become Debt Free

You’ll make your payments to Money Fit by DRS Inc., and in turn we will submit them to your creditors. Since creditors typically reduce interest rates & fees, most of our clients are paid off in 3-5 years. Finally, it’s time to celebrate!

Debt Management Experts You Can Count On!

Money Fit by DRS inc., is a nationwide nonprofit consumer credit counseling organization.

We provide tools and counseling resources the have been designed to help you understand and navigate the options available to you to resolve your personal debt.

Our affordable debt Management program may help you with:

  • Credit Card Debt

  • Collection Accounts

  • Past Due Medical Bills

  • Student Loans

  • Taxes

  • Any Other Unsecured Debt

The Benefits of Debt Management May Include:

  • Stop Late and Over-Limit Fees

  • End Collection Calls

  • Reduce Interest Rates

  • One Lower, Consolidated Monthly Payment

  • Drastically Reduced Time to Becoming Debt Free

How Debt Management Impacts Your Financial Future

Household Budget Planning

Creating a household budget is a staple of personal finances. Our Certified Credit Counselors will assist you in creating a realistic household budget that will allow you the opportunity to get your personal finances back on track.

Debt Management Program

Our successful, low-cost debt relief program has helped thousands of people realize a life of financial freedom. Our Program reduces interest rates and lowers monthly payments, allowing you the opportunity to repay your creditors in full in a fraction of the time it would take if you continued making minimum payments.

Access to Free Financial Education Resources

Money Fit by DRS Inc., offers the following financial education programs and other services. These programs focus specifically on personal and household budgeting, building and rebuilding credit, paying off consumer debt, developing effective spending behaviors, saving strategies, identity theft prevention and much more:

  • Financial Education Services are Provided at No-Cost.

  • Live In-Person Seminars & Workshops

  • Online Webinars Available 24/7/365

  • Corresponding Workbooks

  • Credit Report Reviews

  • Personal Finance Courses With Certification

  • Weekly Live Stream Lunch & Learns

We look forward to helping you live Money Fit!