Dear Challenger Companies Inc. Employee,

If you've ever…

  • been stressed by your personal finances,

  • lost sleep due to concerns about household debts,

  • worried about getting collection calls at work hours,

  • wondered how to build (or rebuild) your credit to get a mortgage some day,

  • felt like you are treading water,

  • been overwhelmed by student loan debt…

…then we are thrilled to offer our new financial wellness program!

Find just a few of the free services below and how to access them:

Free Services

“As part of our commitment to your professional and personal success, we are pleased to offer a financial wellness program at no-cost to you!”

“As part of our commitment to your professional and personal success, we are pleased to offer a financial wellness program at no-cost to you!”

One-on-one personal or household budget counseling. In-person or by phone.

Personalized review of your free credit report.

Assessment and evaluation of the best standard and income-driven student loan repayment plans for you.

Online workshops available 24/7 on topics you identify as the most important and relevant and that you can view at your own pace.

Discounted Services

50% off this program’s enrollment fee gets you on this debt repayment consolidation plan that helps you repay 100% of your debts in 5 years or less to your current creditors at significantly lower interest rates and monthly payments.

$50 off the service saves you the hassles, headaches and hard luck of trying to navigate your lenders phone trees, form banks, and formidable bureaucracies to get you on the repayment plan that best fits your income, your lifestyle and your goals.

50% off both of these services gets you the certificates required of anyone filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Local Programs & Resources

Complete five hours of financial webinars to earn your Bank On Idaho Certificate

50% off this down-to-earth, practical book written in 2014 gets you easy and timeless principles to help you improve your personal and household financial stability and success

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