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Free Tools To Improve Your Finances

Use these free budget calculators to help you stick to your game plan. A well-rounded budget that is consistently reviewed can make one of the largest impacts on whether an individual is successul in acheiving their financial goals, or missing the mark because they aren’t sure where their money is going.

Choose Your Budget Calculator (Or Better Yet, Try Them All!)

The 50-30-20 budgeting tool is probably the easiest budget calculator available for figuring your monthly expenses: 50% to living, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings and investments.

The Simple Budget Calculator figures out your total monthly expenses based upon 6 principal categories: Food, Housing, Bills, Transportation, Entertainment/Recreation, and Miscellaneous.

The Money Pie budgeting tool quickly calculates how much of your paycheck you might consider putting toward 6 categories: generosity, living expenses, savings, investments, income improvement and fun.

Bookmark this page and visit as often as you’d like! Now start estimating how you can divide your income into different groups such as savings, wants and needs. Enjoy!


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How DO Budget Calculators Help?

A budget calculator can help you easily create a budget. You can review numerous scenarios based on anticipated future changes to your income and expenses. It’ll allow you to have a quick idea of what you have to work with.

Why Do You Need A Budget?

A budget allows you to have enough money to cover the items you need, while still help you plan for the things you want. Using a budget will help you control your spending and avoid debt related issues.

When Should You Budget?

While it’s up to you on how often you should review your budget, we’d recommend at minimum once every-other week. Ideally, you’d want to review your budget once-per-week to ensure your current spending is aligned with your bigger picture needs. Also, increasing the frequency helps ensure that you stick to your routine. Miss a few weeks and you may find you’ve lost the motivation to monitor your finances.

Money Fit by DRS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing quality financial resources at no-cost. If you have any suggestions or would like us to create a tool or resource for you, please be in touch.

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