Bank On Idaho Certificate Program

The Bank On Idaho program through the United Way is part of the nationwide Bank On coalition, associated with the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund. Through this program, individuals can get connected to low-cost, starter checking, savings and loan accounts even if they have experienced challenges with financial institutions previously.

Without participating in traditional financial institutions, individuals and their households have greater trouble saving for the future, establishing credit and accessing affordable loans for the purchase of a home or a vehicle or for starting a small business. Additionally, they are more likely to experience the loss or theft of large amounts of money while also having no secure way of accessing their money in cases of household emergencies such as fires or floods.

Debt Reduction Services, Inc., which operates the Money Fit Employee Financial Wellness Program, is an approved provider of financial education programs that qualify individuals for these accounts. After completing five hours of our financial webinars, the individual will be referred to the United Way of Treasure Valley (Boise) for the required Bank On certificate.

Find our financial webinars here: Financial Education Webinars & Resources

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