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Use these free personal finance resources to pave the way to a solid financial future.


Whether you need a certificate of completion, want some extra tools in your financial toolbox to improve your ability to keep more money in the bank, or are just looking for some financial peace of mind, we have courses to help you build your financial capability.

Do It Yourself Debt Management

Committed To Saving Money

  • Savings Strategies That Work

  • How to Build An Emergency Savings Fund

Relationships & Money

Young Children & Teens

It’s never too early to teach children about money. Use our free resources to teach your children, kids in your church group, teens in your scouting program, and others the basics of earning, saving, and wisely spending money.

Find free lesson plans for the classroom such as, handouts, PowerPoints, and resources for teaching financial capability in your classroom.

Businesses and Organizations

A financially stable employee is a more productive and engaged employee. Take advantage of our free financial wellness program to support your employees, your staff, soldiers and sailors, your residents, and others you work with. Money Fit Financial Wellness includes a free web portal for your organization, flyers, posters, and access to Lunch and Learn workshops, among other resources, plus steep discounts to our debt management program. student loan counseling, and other services.

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